Luxury lighting bedding & textiles store

Magento 2, Re-design, Design, UX, Integrations, Mobile-friendly, Support, Performance Optimization, Conversion Optimization


That's how we improved the client's store: 6 stages of optimization

  • Enabling and configuring JavaScript Bundling, defer parsing of JS to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript
  • Configuring Varnish + Redis for pages caching.
  • Creating and enabling Critical css file, with help of which we deliver minified critical CSS inline in head tag and defer all non-critical styles that are loaded asynchronously.
  • Configuring Elasticsearch.
  • Defer external JavaScripts.
  • Lighthouse optimization (Performance, Best practices, Accessibility, SEO)
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  • Filter pages extension
  • Image optimizer
  • Lazy loading integration and customization
  • SEO-friendly improvements
  • PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse optimization
  • Performance optimization
  • Blog design and customization
  • Store finding module
  • Integration and customization ERP system
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