We are Luxinten — your Team of Magento Wizards

When it comes to open-source, ecommerce platform Magento, we are wizards at what we do.

Is your company store offline? We know a powerful spell to revive it. Looking to migrate to the latest version of Magento? Our spellcasters will open a portal to take your website where it needs to go.

If you have an idea for your site but aren't sure how to make it happen, our team will work with you from the initial design to building your website from scratch. With decades of experience in web design and development, our specialists can brew the perfect potion to add +2 charisma to your product and take your client experience to the next level.

Our Magento software solutions include stores, themes and extensions development, custom design, advanced user and admin functionality implementation, full technical audits, SEO improvement, Magento migration, long-term website maintenance and more.

With a broad team of back-end and front-end developers, designers, project managers and quality assurance engineers, only the specialists with the skills relevant to your needs will be assigned to your project.


How We Work

Whether it's a quick audit of your website's functionality, minor performance improvements or larger-scale custom rebuilds, at Luxinten we undertake everything from planning to post-production.

As Magento wizards, Luxinten undertake extensive preparation to find the best software solution for your company and help it scale online. Not all tasks are as simple as waving a magic wand, which is why we communicate with you throughout the project to ensure your website is just the way you want it.

Before building your new store, each detail is discussed with you. The same applies to major alterations and improvements to your current design and functionality. We know it can be risky changing a traditional approach, which is why everything proposed is researched, reasoned and agreed upon prior to your upgrade. After approving the plan; we work our magic. Additionally, unlike many other software developers, we will continue to maintain your Magneto store for as long as you need after its launch.

We are proud of our 99% Client Retention Rate. Over the years Luxinten have implemented dozens of working solutions to take our standards to the highest level. Our road to success was forged by hard work, creative problem solving and a passion for our craft. The product you get from us today is customer-centric, user-friendly and reliable. We've worked with small local stores and large corporations, from Ternopil to San Francisco, in sectors such as high fashion and real estate — we are confident in our ability to help your business grow regardless of its size, location or industry.


Want to take your website to the next level?



With an anticipated 246% increase in e-commerce sales worldwide between 2014 and 2021, engaging clients with your website has never been more important. We recognise how important it is to have a website that fits your brand, and will work to combine your business needs with our technical skills and expertise. Our team will remain by your side from the initial planning stages all the way through the implementation process.


Are you struggling to retain clients? Is your site's slow performance? We will begin by discussing your goals, ideals and expectations in order to produce the type of product which fits your needs. We do this by creating a technical document specific to your business which fully details the whole development process.


As part of our collaboration, you will have a personal project manager who will keep you in the loop about all progress on the project. He or she is available during the implementation of your new product to discuss any issues or feedback you may have, which is immediately fed back to the development team.


If our developers are wizards, then their code is the spell which brings your vision to life. We work on the functionality of your future store, ensuring optimal performance. It's not just about style; your data is protected with security measures to minimise risk of breaches and ensure your business is compliant with GDPR.


Before the final delivery, your site is rigorously tested by our quality assurance engineers to make sure that everything works properly and there are no lags in performance. We don't publish anything that is unfinished or not to our – or your – satisfaction.


Your order is ready! This is a big day: your product will see the world for the first time. And we are proud to be a part of it, so we launch this together and look what happens next.


How can a mother leave her child shortly after giving it a birth? No way. We are devoted mothers and fathers of our Magento websites, so we never stop collaborating with the client on a launch stage. We understand that our newborn digital baby will face a lot of challenges, so we are always here to prevent troubles.

Digital Marketing

Happy with your new website but haven't achieved that satisfactory sales boost? No problem, our SEO sorcerers are on-hand to assist with your store's search engine optimisation, increasing website conversion and developing a custom marketing strategy for your business.

Our Work


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