Data migration

Migration can be a fraught and difficult process, which is why we take every care to achieve a successful result.

At some point, an ambitious business may need to migrate to a newer or better e-commerce platform with advanced marketing tools, greater speed, increased capacity, better security and streamlined data processes.

While this sometimes means you need to develop a totally new solution, it’s also important to save your existing data. This includes orders, customers, products, categories and other important information.


Safety first

We always make a back-up copy of your present site, as a failsafe safety precaution. We also create an offline version of the new website, which you can trial before making the final move.

The special ongoing relationship we cultivate with all our clients minimizes the risks of data loss and business impairment to zero. While your business continues to flourish during the migration, you also achieve an e-commerce platform worthy of your ambitions.