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Boost the speed and commercial performance of your Magento store with a Hyvä Themes frontend created by Luxinten - official Hyvä partner.
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So what are Hyvä themes and why are they revolutionising e-commerce? Simply put, Hyvä is the fastest and most flexible Magento 2 theme on the market. You will not find another solution which delivers a full 100 score on Google Insights immediately after installation.
A frontend developed on Hyvä gives a much faster store than one developed on Luma, the default Magento theme. Since website speed and sales are closely linked, Hyvä represents a profitable investment for any ambitious company.
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Unrivalled Speed

Refined code enables Hyvä themes to deliver page speed scores never before seen in Magento 2.


Hyvä is based on AlpineJS to deliver unmatched customisable flexibility.

Mobile Friendly

Hyvä themes are specially designed to give your customers a superb shopping experience on their phones - where most online sales are now made.

Quick Turnaround

Hyvä’s lean codebase delivers projects faster than Luma or PWA, saving you money on both the initial project and subsequent frontend development. A Hyvä store needs 70% less development time than a PWA store and half that of a Luma store.


Hyvä Themes have a vast array of exciting new features in development designed to transform the Magento landscape and e-commerce in general.

What we do? What we do?

We design and create Magento 2 stores with Hyvä Themes.


We ensure third-party applications and plugins work perfectly with your Hyvä store.


Our seamless Hyvä migrations add Hyvä speed to your frontend.


We conduct thorough technical audits of your Hyvä frontend.

UX design

Our design skills create the perfect look for your Hyvä Theme.


We make the right adjustments to give you an even faster Hyvä frontend.


We add marketing integrations and other custom features to support your Hyvä frontend while staying on top of the latest updates.

B2B Commerce

We have extensive experience with ERP’s, ERM and POS systems if you want to add Hyvä speed to your existing B2B store.

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Hyvä is more than just a theme, it’s a complete Magento frontend solution expertly
built from the ground up to deliver lightning-fast page loading, unmatched
development speed, impressive ease of maintenance and much more.

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