Good UI/UX design ensures a smooth and frictionless, buyer journey for e-commerce sites. That’s why, not only do we have the technical skills you require, we know how to make online shopping an easy and enjoyable experience.
WHY does UI/UX

An excellent UI/UX design will help reduce friction in the buyers journey, retain visitors and attract new ones, especially important for e-comm storefronts.

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Increase E-commerce Traffic

Good UI/UX can attract customers and support their retention, which keeps the business both competitive and lucrative.

Make your website catchy

A strong visual identity can give visitors a lasting impression and advance your brand in the digital marketplace.

Improve your SEO

Google places a lot of emphasis on user interests and experiences. This has led to UI/UX design becoming an integral part of website optimization.

Improve E-commerce Conversion Rate

Reducing friction for your visitors will allow you to convert them into valuable customers, therefore encouraging them to take the desired action.

Get UX best practices

our Designing

Project setup

Make sure our team has all the information and assets it needs for this project.

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Transfer your ideas and turn them into wireflows.

Visual design

Design delightful interfaces aligned with gathered insights.

Website Launch
Website Launch

After the final testing & your approval.

Research & concept

Gather all the information your team needs to work on the product or its features.

Testing & validation

Test solutions with potential users.

Development handover

As you progress, we prepare to get designs into working products.

The Power of Design
An e-commerce website has to look good and function well on all devices in order to dominate its market. UX designers call this flexibility ‘responsiveness’ and it is impossible to overestimate its importance. If an online store looks good on a laptop but not on a mobile phone, it will be excluding half the world’s web users. Our first priority is therefore making your web store responsive on all devices, especially mobile phones.
We also use design to advance your brand in the digital marketplace. Our UI (User Interface) designers use colours that match your livery and give your store a distinctive image. Luxinten also considers factors such as age or technical aptitude when designing a website. Whatever their level of proficiency, your customers will enjoy the user experience we create for them.

User experience design applies psychology, market research, business and creativity to develop smooth interactions for users of apps and websites.

A good user experience is especially important for online stores, which have to be visually engaging in order to attract and retain customers. Fortunately, Luxinten’s advanced UX design skills are one of our greatest assets.

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