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Support & maintenance

In a competitive world, an ambitious e-commerce business will only succeed by managing its time and resources effectively.

You have enough to consider

without worrying about updates, extensions and general maintenance

  • Luxinten have all the skills and experience to keep your store running while you focus on products, marketing and sales.
  • With a well-defined range of services delivered every month for a single fixed payment, you always know what to expect from our monthly support package.
  • Not only do we deliver the best solutions, we also help you choose which solutions are right for you.
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Our support packages mean total peace of mind

Our packages leave you free to grow your business in the sure knowledge that your store is in capable hands.

Magento Upgrade

The latest version of Magento will give you access to new options and tools, plus the latest extensions and plugins.

Performance Monitoring

Knowing your website’s day-to-day performance is in competent and professional hands allows you to focus on your business.

Extension Updates

Updating your website with the latest extensions will deliver improved performance and a better shopping experience for your customers.


Giving your website’s code, structure and operations a rigorous examination identifies potential problems and sets your mind at rest.

Bug Fixing

Detecting and fixing bugs not only improves your website’s performance, it also gives your store the highest assurance of quality.

Project Management

Dedicated project ownership gives you a reliable contact who is always available to discuss your needs, expectations and concerns.

Improving User Experience

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Improving their shopping experience will promote your products, boost your sales and build customer loyalty.

Let’s work together on your website