Web Development

Creating an online store with a complex architecture and stylish design requires a broad and demanding skill set. Fortunately, the Luxinten development team has an intimate knowledge of Magento and Shopware acquired over many projects.

Achieve the best results for your store

New Store Development

Informal discussions allow us to gain a feel for your business and choose the best platform for you. This is very much a reciprocal process and we are as sensitive to your brand identity and design values as we are to your technical needs.

We then begin to construct your website, adjusting it by trial and error until it matches your technical and aesthetic expectations. Your complete satisfaction with the finished product is our overriding passion.

Would you like to develop a new store on Magento?
Magento & Shopware

Although it lacks Magento’s vast range of customisable options, Shopware provides everything you need to create an online store.

If you want development from scratch or just improvements to an existing Shopware store, Luxinten have all the skills you need. As with our Magento projects, we add value to Shopware through our UX design skills, our ability to deliver customer-centred shopping experiences and our incomparable commitment to our clients.

How to choose the platform
Store Improvement

Even if you already have a profitable e-commerce store, there is always room for improvement. Our designers can add considerable value with a few well-chosen tweaks to your theme or layout.

UX & Solution design
Speed Optimization

If you feel your website is too slow, we can use various technologies to optimise its speed.

The fast-caching methods we use to boost the performance of your store:

  • Varnish
  • Redis
  • CDNs
  • Memcache
  • Full Page Cache
  • PHP Fast cache
  • PWA

Improved website speed means better rates of conversion, enhanced customer loyalty and more sales.

Performance and Speed Optimisation
Site Audit

We approach this comprehensive sweep of your website with the same rigour and commitment as any other project. Seen as indispensable by our established clients, the audit includes a thorough check of your error logs, a full test of reindexing processes and extensive analysis of all URL rewrites.

We also determine if Gzip compression and cache configuration could save on bandwidth and download time. Finally, we throw in reviews of your extensions and integrations, codebase, theme and front-end code.

The technical audit process
Extension Development

Not only can Luxinten apply existing extensions to Magento stores, our developers can create them to order. In fact, we have created hundreds of powerful extensions for a wide variety of uses.

From the outset, we discuss every detail of the new extension with you in order to minimize conflict between interacting modules in the new architecture. We also give every client full technical documentation covering every aspect of their extension and its various operations.

This will enable you to report technical problems with confidence and clarity, allowing us to make a successful intervention if required.

Maximize your markets with Magento Integrations

Our line-by-line test checks your code for bugs, providing you with complete quality assurance and ensuring your customers get the best user experience possible. Our own products have to undergo exactly the same process before we pass them as fit for use.