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Technical audit

With so many online stores competing for the same markets, it has never been more important for your website to be in optimal condition.

Our technical audit can help with any of these issues:

  • Your pages load slowly.
  • Your site crashes frequently.
  • Your business has experienced a drop in sales and more negative feedback.
  • You suspect your website has been hacked.
  • You are unsure about the quality of your Magento code.
  • You suspect that your store may be running outdated extensions and security patches.
  • You want to be sure that any extensions you install are compatible with your website.
  • You want to upgrade to Magento 2 from Magento 1.

The audit process


After discussing your issues and concerns, we send you a short document outlining the audit procedures in detail. The audit itself takes about 25 hours. When it is complete, we can discuss the findings and possible solutions at greater length.


To do audit effectively, we need access to:

  • Magento back-end
  • Google Analytics account
  • SSH
  • Git

Whether you are a sole trader or multinational company, your precious passwords, data and personal details are completely safe with us.


We send you the finished report in around two weeks.

Although we are happy to fix the issues we identified, you are under no pressure to continue using our services after the audit.

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