or Shopware

Although it lacks Magento’s vast range of customisable options, Shopware provides everything you need to create an online store.

As with our Magento projects, Luxinten adds value to Shopware through our UX design skills, our ability to deliver customer-centred shopping experiences and our incomparable commitment to our clients.

Because it is cheaper than Magento, Shopware is often a better solution for medium and smaller businesses.

Let’s compare
the two solutions

to see which one is right for you:


is best if:

  • You have some experience of running an e-commerce business
  • You want to build an online store for a large or international business
  • You want total creative freedom to customise your store
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is best if:

  • You are trying e-commerce for the first time
  • You are a smaller business or sole trader
  • You want a simple, reliable e-commerce website to drive sales
Read more about Shopware

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Luxinten are just as committed to helping smaller businesses achieve their goals as we are to supporting large companies with global brands.

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