Magento 2 migration

While Magento set the standard when released in 2008, Magento 2 surpasses it in all ways.

Magento 2 offers store owners many practical advantages over Magento 1, highlighting the new platform’s superiority:


Magento 2 offers store owners numerous technical and administrative advantages over Magento 1:

  • Easily upload promotional videos for any product
  • Improved speed and performance
  • Better security measures
  • New customer engagement tools
  • Advanced SEO solutions
  • You are able to build PWA, as Magento 2 is based on GraphQL
  • Magento 2 supports the latest version of PHP, which is constantly improving its performance
  • Elasticsearch delivers quick and advanced product searches plus multiple language options and much more

If you want to make the move to Magento 2

Luxinten has all the skills and experience to make it happen.


By applying our UX and UI design skills, your customers will experience a seamless transition between your old store and the new one. Although migration depends on factors like the size and complexity of your existing site, we can generally achieve a full migration in anything between three months and a year. We also offer a full consultation service and Magento 2 demo site so you can decide if migration is really the best option for you.

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