7 Compelling Reasons to Choose Magento as an eCommerce Platform for Your Business

We believe Magento is derived from the word “Magic”. Rest assured, it is that good

Haven’t get caught up in the magic of Magento yet? Then let us tell you about amazing features of this eCommerce platform and explain what makes it the best solution for your web-store. We selected 7 strongest reasons to build your site on Magento.

1. Highly Effective Site Management

Magento 2 offers its users convenient Administration Panel with vast opportunities to manage your website. Here you can control multiple stores and entirely customize it according to your needs. Strong suits of Magento’s site management system:

  • Administration permission system roles and users;
  • A variety of templates which can be changed beyond recognition;
  • Support for multiple language and currencies;
  • Easy-to-apply content management tools for landing pages;
  • Increased security: now you should enter the CAPTCHA to ensure that logins are not fake;
  • Export and import of catalog and customer information.

And it wouldn’t stop there. The abundance of additional features and simple interface of the Administration Panel makes Magento one of the best platforms for effective site management.

2. Modular Architecture

Magento consists of smaller modules, rather than being an all-in-one piece of software. Each module has its own purpose and unique functionality, but it is not the best part. If Magento was a large application, it would be impossible to apply any changes without freezing the whole website. But since it’s not, you can easily add, install or delete any specific modules and extensions without sacrificing overall performance of your store.

3. High Performance

Speaking of performance, we should admit that it’s quite impressive, especially if you run your business on Magento 2. The platform showed great results in various tests and demonstrates quick page loading, query processing and checkout time. The latest version also supports full page cache which allow us to optimize the speed of your web store and make it super fast at work.

4. Strict Security Measures

Everyone cares about the security of their personal data, so for some people, the quality of security measures may be #1 priority. If you belong to this category of business owners, you’re on the same page with Magento developers, who take security very seriously. S ecurity is much more important for eCommerce stores, rather than for blogs or other kinds of websites. Let’s check what we have:

  • Enhanced password management;
  • Prevention of cross-site scripting attacks;
  • Frequent releases of the updated security patches;
  • Overall data vulnerability management;
  • Secure Payment Bridge with PCI Data Security Standards, and some more security-related options.

As you can see, Magento is a highly secured platform and this fact has been already proved by the majority of merchants who ever used it.

5. SEO Friendly Features

Magento gives you an opportunity to adjust basic SEO settings right out-of-the-box. The platform offers the following options:

  • SEO friendly URLs;
  • Meta-information for products, content pages and categories;
  • URL rewrites;
  • Description;
  • Google Site Map, etc.

If you are not satisfied with in-built features, you can choose from a great variety of SEO extensions and ask us to integrate them into your eCommerce store.

6. Marketing, Promotion and Conversion Tools

Use Magento Open Source to get even more useful tools for many purposes. Run promotions and build your own marketing strategy without using any third-party services. An incomplete list of so-called “landing pages”:

  • Categories;
  • Related products;
  • Product bundles;
  • Promotional pricing;
  • Coupons;
  • Up-sells;
  • Cross-sells;
  • Newsletter management;
  • Wishlists, etc.

In short, it’s like an embarrassment of riches due to the abundance of various features.

7. A Multitude of Third-Party Extensions and Their Effortless Integration

A huge collection of third-party extensions for Magento have already blown our minds. The platform constantly evolves and we can observe daily supply of new and new plugins and applications which are compatible with Magento. The most demanded categories are:

  • Payment gateways;
  • Shipping options and tracking;
  • Social sharing;
  • Performance boosters, etc.

It’s hard to say an exact number of extensions, so we recommend you visit Magento Marketplace and see this galore with your own eyes. If you are already using Magento and are content with your choice, congratulations!

If you have just realized that Magento is that thing you kept looking for a long time but didn’t find it until now, well, congratulations again! Luxinten specialists solve a wide range of issues concerning Magento. We can help you move from another platform, from the earlier version to the latest one or simply revise the code of your existing store. Switch to the “Services” tab and see what else we can do for you.

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