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Pre-sales Manager/Business Development Manager

Ternopil, remote


Luxinten is looking for a responsible and energetic Pre-sales Manager/Business Development Manager. We are a bunch of professionals from Ukraine. Our specialization embraces: comprehensive eCommerce solutions, custom and pre-built

Magento extensions, long-term technical support and maintenance for online stores.

Expected Work Results:

  • qualified leads positive reactions statistics growth;
  • qualified leads are transferred to the Business Development Manager;
  • deal close (as a next step of growth);

Major Requirements:

  • Experience with automation tools
  • Handle rejection well; 
  • Move on to the next touch points quickly;
  • Foreign language knowledge:
  • English - upper intermediate/ advanced;
  • German - upper intermediate/ advanced - would be a plus;
  • Understanding of IT industry and ecommerce would be a plus;

Position Duties That the Employee Performs Independently:

  • Adding new leads to the CRM;
  • Sending messages to the cold-leads and leads with reactions;
  • Answering clients’ questions, warm up and Follow up leads in LinkedIn, emails etc;
  • Transferring and Setting appointments with hot leads to Business Development Manager for proving presentations to customers;
  • Working close with a team with Designer, BDM and Marketing manager to develop materials needed for Sales process;
  • Search for more opportunities and possibilities to get more interested leads;
  • Develop Luxinten accounts in Linkedin, Upwork, other resources  for the Lead generation;
  • Presentation of Company services on calls with customers and deal close (as a next step of growth);

Supervision Duties of the Position:

  • Control the work of Lead Generation Manager who is creating the base of leads;
  • Control all Lead Generation tools which suppose to work correctly;
  • Analysis of the lead’s answers and cooperation with Lead Generation Manager on sequences target audience and answers;
  • Update and write scripts, sequences,  objection handling materials and other documents for The Sales department;
  • Qualifications of leads who answered on automation mailing list;
  • Build strategy of Lead generation and Sales growth;

Problematic Situations That Can Occur in the Position:

  • Lead is not qualified well;
  • Lead is not answering or didn’t come on the call with BDM;
  • Automation tool is not working well;

Key Skills:

  • Good spoken English and listening comprehension;
  • Fast learner who can adapt to change;
  • Teamwork;

Personal Qualities:

  • Polite;
  • Ability to multitask;
  • Communicativeness, because this person will need to interact with customers;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Concentration;
  • Openness and honesty in communication;
  • Self-confidence;

Working Conditions and Schedule:

  • Work remotely or in the office in Ternopil;
  • Work full time: 8 hours per day;
  • Business trips: possible;
  • Vacation: 20 working days per year;
  • Bonuses for closed deals;
  • The opportunity for professional growth;
  • Corporate training.
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