What can you do to help?

Ukraine continues its fight for freedom, showing astonishing courage and unity. We receive outstanding support from our partners all over the world, and we encourage you to join in and take action.

On the morning of February 24, 2022, the lives of over 40 million Ukrainians changed forever. This brutal war against humanity, independence and democracy will lead to decisive changes on the European continent and shape the region for decades to come. The whole world has united to stand by Ukraine and your support warms the hearts of all Ukrainians. Our friends and clients help us by sharing the truth on social media, signing petitions, participating in peaceful rallies, donating money, hosting Ukrainian refugees and – what's no less important – maintaining their links with Ukrainian business. We invite you to join us by doing what you can. Your voice and actions have more influence than you think!

What The Luxinten team do


Volunteer In Regional Centres

Our team gathers humanitarian supplies for refugees and materials for territorial defence.


We Do Our Jobs

We keep working, fulfilling our obligations to all our clients. We pay taxes and salaries while optimising our workflow and expenses to stay stable.


We Inform The World

We fight disinformation by telling the truth on social media and expose saboteurs who are spreading fake news to destabilize Ukrainian society.


We Take Care Of Ukrainians

We host colleagues, friends and relatives from the high-risk areas of Ukraine and support those who stayed behind with parcels of food and other supplies.


We Protect Our Country

Our colleagues have joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Territorial Defence Forces to protect our country from the invaders.


We Fight On the Cyber Front

After working all day on our clients’ projects, our IT specialists are battling on the Cyber Front with the IT Army of Ukraine.


How Our customers support Ukraine

We are grateful to all of you who responded to our request by sending supplies of food, medicine and other humanitarian goods, as well as participating in rallies and making donations in support of Ukraine! Every voice and every action matters!

Our esteemed customers actively support Ukraine:


Since 2019, we have worked with a talented team of lovely people who live and work in western Ukraine...they are people we’ve known for years..

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For the past 7 years, Litecraft have worked with a talented team of IT support specialists from western Ukraine...the war has touched us all deeply...

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Ukrainian authorized donation platforms

UA Help

Supplies for the military

Come Back Alive

Supplies for the military

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Supplies for the military

Army SOS

Supplies for the military


Medical supplies

International Rescue Committee

Helping children affected by war