French beds & luxury
bedroom furniture

The solution

A new user-friendly design reflects the charm and French style of the company, with an emphasis on mobile usability that follows industry best practice, using custom icons and with the overall look refreshed.

To manage inventory, logistics and purchase orders, it was agreed to use Embedded ERP from BoostMyShop. We overhauled the product page layout, and focused on the media gallery with video and product display from PureClarity. After the launch of the project, we continue to support French Bedroom with constant development activities focusing on performance and speed optimisation, with ongoing development using new products such as Unbxd.

Today we feel that Luxinten has become an integral part of the French Bedroom team, and we are proud to be partners.

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Since 2019, we have worked with a talented team of lovely people who live and work in western Ukraine...they are people we’ve known for years..

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"LLC Luxinten has capable developers who have done excellent work, and they’re especially good at testing..."
Ben Cons - Director, French Bedroom
"Luxinten team is a great example of a combination between professionalism, pleasant human interactions and a focus on win-win results"
Filip Scotka - Head of E-Commerce Technology and Data, French Bedroom

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