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Two versions of the website: B2C and B2B

The B2B version has more Collections and Products and doesn’t have e-commerce features (prices, Buy Now buttons, My Account section, Shopping Cart and Checkout sections).

On the contrary, the B2C version has e-commerce and related functionality. All visitors from the EU countries will be redirected to B2C website. Non-EU residents can’t place orders during checkout.

Top Bar

Displayed on B2B website. And allowed redirect to B2C website after clicking on it

SEO Optimization:


Ingenico (allows to buy from MasterCard and Visa credit card)
PayPal Payment Systems

Default payment template has been customized to fit the website design

Functional Filtering for Products

You can filter all products by the following parameters:

Collection functionality

Collections* list

*Term "Collection" can be substituted by Category. Each Collection includes items from the certain "family" of products.

UPPERCUT Collection

IMPACT Collection

KALEIDO Collection

The one of the products

Store Locator

Store Locator allows users to find any retail store in the Europe and USA using an interactive map. It displays the location pins based on geo-coordinates of each store. The user will also see the address data for each location. New stores can be added, updated, imported or exported via the admin panel.

Download Manual

Customers are able to download instructions manual for every product page and on special page - Maintenance and Manuals.

360 Image Preview

We built this feature from scratch without using any groundwork. Using it, you will be able to turn to a 360-degree view of the chosen product. 360 thumbnail appears in the gallery block as the last element. Clicking on the 360 thumbnail in the gallery opens a 360 preview instead of the base image and clicking on the appeared image activates/deactivates the rotation feature.

News functionality

Working with Luxinten has been smooth-sailing and completely transparent from the offset. Our Account Manager is always at hand, going above-and-beyond to support with any issues, development, and scheduling. I feel that our communication is always open and honest, therefore, our continuing working relationship is productive and problems are resolved quickly. Our company is very happy with the overall development process and the team as a whole are lovely people; the next step is to grow the sites functionality and marketing initiatives, which I am positive can be achieved with Luxinten’s support and expertise.

Michelle Perry,

Marketing and Communications Manager at Time Network Swiss GmbH

Mobile-friendly design


We developed a user-friendly and easy-to-use website hosted on the mighty server. It’s all ready to welcome its first customers. A website theme is now clean, modern, visually appealing and 100% mobile-friendly. The website has been divided into two parts available for different needs. Now it has B2B and B2C versions. We added the following features and integrations: